The Escape of Motley’s Rose by Aylya Mayze

I have been researching alternate ways to market books and discovered a couple sites that release serial books, chapter by chapter. Most of the writing I’ve read on these sites is awful, but the marketing concept seemed sound if one can draw enough readers. It works for mangas. The sites I read favored Werewolf Romance stories, which seemed easy enough to write. I thought I’d write a quick one, submit it under a different name, and test the potential.

As I should have expected, however, I fell in love with my characters, who took the story in an entirely different direction. I also found myself rebelling against some of the silliness of the genre I had chosen, so out the window it went. I’m not done writing this, but if it goes where I’m planning, it’ll be really exciting. If it veers, it’ll probably end up even better.

This is a work in progress so I’m posting it, hoping for constructive criticism on how I can improve it. I am especially concerned that the first chapters hook the reader, keep him or her (or any other) reading, are clear enough to be easily understood, but don’t overwhelm the reader with too much of an information dump at a time.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

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